The Time Wallas Chortle

Flying is quiet a curious thing, but being curious myself cancels it out making it mundane, thus bored by the excitement of setting out to wander away the hours days weeks months I landed. All seemed normal, the air thicker pushed its way into you but then pushed out by the throng and malaise.

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In an age where pressure to look good is at an all-time peak. The people surgically change how they look, to look better and better. The one thing that has taken the world by storm is handmade artisanal beads, because you can get your nose to look like Claudia Shaffer’s nose…

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By golly golly….this is unusual!

Beads, beads, beads, I have a great fascination with beads. Ancient civilizations are exhumed by archaeologists and they are judged by their beads, their finery, their jewelers, their adornment. I felt, “Would I not like to participate in this millennial cycle, that I could make objects that would reach 5000 years into the future as the Egyptians? Yes of course!”…

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By Golly Plates!

Plates, plates, plates, oh how they make you weep. They crack in the making process, they crack in the firing process, they crack when you turn your back and you are not sure exactly when the crack creep in, but there it is…

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So working with cameos is quite exiting.

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The Secret Gelatin

My Grandmother was the daughter of a very gifted chemist.

He had worked out a way of super refining gelatin. His company and a French company, had the global monopoly of photographic gelatin. Kodak was there main client. I must still have a photo of the factory somewhere…

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Wade with me through the Yolk of Life

Sometimes you only know what you’re doing when you look back and see what it is you have done, always making small changes desperate see that I had some kind of effect upon things. So becoming an artist now with hindsight is a natural path. You can identify the effect you have had both on a daily basis, by counting the number of bowls completed but also the secondary wave of stories that come back to me as the maker. How my commentary challenged others to move forward with their love. How the beauty of found objects is rediscovered the world cracked open like a fresh egg.

Wade with me through the yolk of life.

Colliding with Cern

With thanks to the surrealist artist and video extraordinaire, Peter Van Straten. Sometimes it takes a surrealist to distill what is real and worth mentioning.

Wish me luck!

The Threshhold of Brilliance

The threshold of brilliance is not about having a good idea. It’s about killing good ideas. When you are “in the zone” you can have 500 good ideas. You need to have the discipline to hold the sugar water in the palm of your hand and wait for the humming bird to drink. It is only then that you can close your hand, capturing the bird.

A great idea chooses you and teaches you many things. Brilliance is visited upon one, not generated from within…