My Grandmother was the daughter of a very gifted chemist.

He had worked out a way of super refining gelatin. His company and a French company, had the global monopoly of photographic gelatin. Kodak was there main client. I must still have a photo of the factory somewhere…I must look for it.

The Gelatin Factory

The Nazis kidnapped my Great Grandfather, and beat him for his super refining gelatin secret recipe. They bet him continuously in circular rooms made of concrete beams planted upright in the earth. You could not escape from your tormentor. As you fell against one side you were beaten until you fell against the other side. He died with his secret.

His son continued the factory, but without the recipe, they made gummy bears. Their prosperity was nothing of what it had been formally.

This family story has been given me, from a very young age, a belief in research, research, research, research and more research.