So working with cameos is quite exiting. Most cameos get taken out of there gold mount and discarded and the gold gets melted and made into something else. The cameo is very out of fashion and so I buy up cameos that would normally be discarded. Unmounted the cameo has no value, no purpose, no use it can’t be worn, I celebrated the craftsmanship of the discarded cameo and recreate them in porcelain as part of my dialog and narrative.

What I love about them is, this is a very special one is looking not left to right but from right to left. That would imply that that person has either died or the person who the cameo was created for was actually left handed and liked wearing everything the opposite way around. The Franklin cameo that I use a lot in my work is made out of ivory is quite an unusual material not really known for cameos, yet the craftsmanship on it is exquisite. I bought it in a shop that was selling all sorts of bits of plastic. When you look at it, it take quite some careful examination to find the crisscross pattern of the ivory on the base. The 3 Hindu gods I use as well. I just love the ornateness of the Indian culture. The way they go head first into extreme detail, so extreme that the detail is almost obsolete. The mother of pearl poker chips are also really great. And that’s a really fantastic art form.