Beads, beads, beads, I have a great fascination with beads. Ancient civilizations are exhumed by archaeologists and they are judged by their beads, their finery, their jewelers, their adornment. “Would I not like to participate in this millennial cycle? Could I make objects that would reach 5000 years into the future, as the Egyptians did? “Every creative person would love to be remembered. My bowls are already in museums, but the challenge now is to make other objects that may not it into museums, but will be creating opportunity.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, this is what my country needs. We are going through the fouth industrial revolution. Apps are replacing people, but can you get an app to string beads…No! Therefore, I attempted to create object that will go on to create joy, pleasure, jobs, opportunity and inspiration to other creative people. My beads are components for other creative people. And so it is very exciting working with fashion designers, jewelry designers, architects, mosaics and whoever comes my way, I welcome you into the folds.

I invent the most complicated beads that can be invented. I hope to baffle and cajole the senses to confuse, to bombast and to reducible common sense in favor of a complex tiny object, which cries to one, “Who on earth puts that much effect into something not much bigger than a corn corneal. This is outrages. In this busy age where everyone has somewhere they are rushing to. How the hell can this guy be sitting, putting little triangular sections into beads, how can he be creating these tiny ostrich shell like fragments, how can he be working with such admonition, forgetting time and therefor making his passage safe into timelessness? For in thousands of years, people will scratch upon their heads and say, “By golly…This is unusual.”